My Soul

It walks

through tiresome trials and sudden euphoria

provoked by the deceit of fate

surviving off the crumbs of compassion 

tapping the inner warrior

searching for its mate


It talks

to the wind and stars

on questions of life and purpose

of promises made to the subconscious

about the quandaries of time and healing scars


It grooves

to the rhythms of benevolence 

vibrating existentially

under each moon

choosing stanzas for emphasis

between witty melodies of living simply


It’s moved

by desolate instrumentals,

to ease the plight of miserable individuals,

forcefully and distinctly bruised,

in urgent concert with the accused. 


It yearns

for the mellifluous sounds of emergence

toward similar luminescent entities like no other.

to listen in on impartial decisions,

for equal sin when judgement begins


It learns

from the naiveté of children,

true jubilation and genuine concern.

contentment with achievement

of wisdom from the seasons.


It lives

for love

because there’s no greater treasure.  

to comprehend “forever”

with measures that can never be severed


It gives

unconditional light,

a reminiscent refrain…

without expectation

equal parts of the whole


this is

my soul…