A River's Regret

To own the raging river’s bravado…

An exemplary reflection of this complication

She deserved more fervor than I could ever give her

a potent confession from the quintessential paramour

Obsessed with her banter…a hollow drifter with no motto


It’s volatile path bends and falls

slave to calamitous rains and blind hope’s wrath

closing the distance between the sympathetic lake

and the ferocious ocean that knows no depth


Humbled by the impatience of juvenescence

burdened by tales of questioned decisions made

each season bring winds of turbulence

Foolish hearts embrace the battle…

a real soldier would have stayed


These still waters of dry season…

vacant showers hide the optic precipitation

counting hours until I see her again

With only ten fingers…this stream will surely linger 


Is this love??