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Today John L and Scott have another extremely important discussion and discuss homosexuality in Hip-Hop. Recently Lil Nas X came out sparking some controversy and backlash in the community that could be seen as hypocritical and definitely insensitive. Haven't we made significant social strides to be more accepting of all lifestyles? Is there a lane in Hip-Hop for this?

Without conversation we can't push the culture forward.

As always feel free to contribute your insight and opinions below. ALL comments are read and appreciated!


Episode 38 - Homosexuality in Hip-Hop

New episode of The Light Podcast!

Today John and Scott have an extremely important discussion on the contributions of women in Hip-Hop. In short - it would NOT be what it is today without the ladies. They get BUSY...and have been since the beginning. Sequence...MC Lyte...Roxanne Shante...Salt-N-Pepa...Queen Latifah...Lauryn Hill...Bahamadia....Kim...Nicki...the list goes on and on and on and we hit on them all.

Episode 37 - The dopest female emcee

New episode of The Light Podcast!!

Today John L and Scott sit down to discuss the impact of J Dilla and what his music meant to the culture. JD's signature can be felt and heard in timeless classics such as "Runnin", "Stakes is High", and "Donuts". His work on the seminal LP "Fan-tas-tic Vol. 1" birthed the Neo-Soul movement still going strong today, and his beats laid the groundwork for countless producers in Hip-Hop today.

Dilla's music is timeless and his memory will live on forever because of it.

Episode 36 - Dilla retrospective

New episode of The Light Podcast!

John L and Scott tackle a tough subject and discuss the impact to the culture when an artist is taken from us too soon. Is it right to debate the merit of their placement amongst Hip-Hop icons? Is the quality of their catalog sometimes embellished to preserve their memory?

Episode 35 - Posthumous accolades

New episode of The Light Podcast!

John L and Scott sit down for an extremely important conversation on reparations and what it actually means. We put a lot of faith into the ability of our community leaders to get things done - but are they too focused on highlighting the issues or on coming up with viable solutions? Join us as we dig in and discuss how we feel about it all.

Episode 34 - reparations / Problems vs. solutions

New episode of The Light Podcast!

John L and Scott reconvene after a long layoff and get back in the studio to bring more discussion on music and try their best to shake the "old-angry-hip-hop-head" label. Will they succeed?

John L also is the first to interview Scott on his instrumental album that dropped in April and learns something personal in the process in this new episode that you don't want to miss!

Collinsville Vol 01 -

Episode 33 - Collinsville / Angry old hip-hop heads

Episode 32 - Krishon Smith


The #TLP Crew get back in the studio for a new series of their popular #Hip-Hop themed podcast to highlight Pittsburgh-area underground sensation Krishon Smith. John L brought Krishon's latest LP release "Endorphinz" straight from PA for review from start to finish and as always his ear and intuition do NOT disappoint.


Listen in as we speak with Krishon Smith and get his perspectives on the game, motivation, and influences when creating this latest work catching fire on the underground scene in the East Coast.


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Episode 31 - #ATCQ Series Finale

New episode of The Light!

This week the #TLP crew wraps up the ATCQ series and completes the review of their debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Join Scott and John L as they discuss the importance of Tribe's message in overlooked tracks such as "Description of a Fool", and Q-Tip's interesting choice of samples when creating that unforgettable sound.


Also listen in as the crew kicks off the Ep and debates whether Black Thought of The Roots is the most underrated MC of all time. Why is he never in anyone's Top 5? Is he a Top 3 MC?

We close out the first-ever TLP Series the best way we know how. By paying respect to one of the greatest groups in music - A Tribe Called Quest

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Episode 30 - #ATCQ Series Part 2

New episode of The Light!

This week, on the heels of Q-Tip's monumental announcement of Tribe's final LP release "We Got It From Here...Thanks For Your Service", the #TLP crew goes back to ATCQ's roots and cracks open their highly auspicious debut People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm for Part 2 of the podcast series.

This album marked the beginning of a legendary journey for not only the NYC quartet, but their legion of Hip Hop fans loyal to the conscious message and creative jazz-infused sample-based production of their iconic tracks.

The recent dedication and renaming of Linden Blvd in Queens to Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor Way is a testament to the impact felt in the community as a whole to Tribe's message and the love felt for its members.

Join John L and Scott as they start from the beginning and discuss what they feel this album meant to the culture and how Tribe changed the game managing to stay relevant for over twenty years while doing it.

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