Turn the beat off. If they can hold their own then that tells you everything you need to know...
— Scott Pearson @lightofscott



From quintessential vinyl collector to paradoxical poet to occasional podcaster - QTip, Dilla, Lord Finesse, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, RZA, Scott La Rock, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Eric B., Kid Capri, DJ Ron G, and anything De La shaped the soundtrack to Christopher’s writing style. Cannonball, Miles, and ‘Trane made sure he understood James, born and raised in New Jersey growing up to Kane. 

To honor the Native Tongue collective from a Nas perspective, Liquid Swords to the Beastie Boys – the golden era is what Scott honors most.

What is Hip Hop? It’s that street reporter telling you what its like in the hood where you have never been and never will be, giving you their experience through their words...
— John L @johnlsiv

If Hip Hop has the power to corrupt young minds, it also has the power to uplift them
— KRS One